Story Time Sunday #24

Happy Sunday! This month’s [100 Word Story] photo prompt inspired my flash. It’s an unusual point of view for me, so let me know what you think.

The Long Haul

There’s no road map for the mind. When you’re on a long haul, be wary of wrong turns, dark roads and deep potholes.

The CB radio’s a confession booth. Hit the button and don’t hold back.

“I’m done, good buddy.”


“No more lot lizards. No more dirty mags.”

“‘No stopping now. ‘fraid we’re too far gone.”

And when you look up, you’ve gone too far on a rickety trestle bridge not meant for suicide jockeys carting dangerous goods, and there’s a truck on your donkey.

You’ve got no choice. Put the hammer down and pray the cross frames hold.


      1. I had an actual CB license when they were needed back then. I remember it too but use the number 55 or 748. There were several guys on CB in that area. The code number 802 meant that someone had some weed to sell! Weused Linear Amplifiers too to boost the signal well beyond legal.

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