Iguana Boy

Iguana Boy,
climb all over me.
Scratch my back with your keen claws;
my skin loves agony.

Iguana Boy,
there are several ramps to roam.
I took the time and timber
to customize your home.

Iguana Boy,
I’ll make your bedding clean.
Scrub and dry your rocks with care, then
remove your shedding.

Iguana Boy,
my misters like to flow.
Stay real moist and hydrated,
you’ll keep that dewy glow.

Iguana Boy,
I’ll keep your body warm, you’ll see.
Sit below my heat lamp;
I’m your very own UVB.

Iguana Boy,
let me tickle your spikes.
I’m ready to be whipped
whenever your tail strikes.

Iguana Boy,
I’m down with your routines.
I’ll hold you in the morning,
at lunch feed you leafy greens.

Iguana Boy,
you’re my favorite all-day lounger.
promise to grow saggy with me,
my first reptilian encounter.

This poem is in response to Flashback Friday #32 The Carpenters which asks listeners to describe a first encounter. Join us in sharing something out-of-this world!

Artwork: “Iguana Man” by Michael Montes

I love this song, and admit it was my inspiration for my encounter with Iguana Boy.


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