Is My Body Mine?

As the Supreme Court upholds a new Texas law that could impact women’s abortion rights nationwide, I was overwhelmed to see my short story published by Last Girl’s Club.

This Wicked Tale is a piece about motherhood: the sacrifice and the slicing that happens. Now, more than ever we should ask ourselves this title’s question.

Is My Body Mine?

I just sold my pinky toes. A small price to pay to prepare a birthday feast for my turbo twins. Those boys were made in the back seat of their daddy’s Camaro, and they sure grew up fast. Got me wondering, though, if I raise ’em right, will any of my body still be mine?

So easy to sell parts on the market today, especially if you take good care of yourself. Moisturize and exercise, and all that shit. My cousin knew a guy who knew some rich investor with a toe fetish, so all I had to do was snap a couple of 3-D photos and flash them out. 

I wiggle both pinkies. Investors have enough money to buy their parts in advance. Add them to a digital collection and harvest ’em on a whim. I wonder if they spin the projected images like a toe-roulette, and with just a buzz, the toes are harvested that same day.

I check my realstate dash; it projects on my wrist the amount of me that is still privately owned. In case of injury or death, the authorities check the dash to know which parts need to be delivered for payment…..

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Artwork: Seth Alverson “Landscape with a Useless Hand.”


  1. Any such law is a joke nowadays. Rich people will still be able just to fly off somewhere and have their abortion. It will affect those too poor to fly, though.

    Be under no illusion, this law hits poverty, not morality.

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      • We see that very clearly with the likes of Amazon. They step over the border to another jurisdiction so they don’t have to pay their taxes. Exactly the same here. Women can jump to another jurisdiction to have an abortion. Even just in the US, there will be safe havens, as long as women are able to get there. Even places like Canada. It’s the Underground Railroad over again.


    • Me too. I struggle with the subject as it seems impossible for some individuals to consider giving up even the right to own automatic guns but some of these same individuals feel adamant about women’s abortion rights. Makes no sense, this false sense of control and freedom.

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