Story time Sunday #23

Happy Sunday! This short sci-fi flash was inspired by this photo of the National Museum in London. Enjoy!

Hope Has A Backbone

“And overhead hangs Hope,” the cyborg Curator points with her laser finger towards the ceiling of the museum. We zoom in on our trip screens to take in the rainbow arch of Hope, completely devoid of color. Our virtual field trip reaching its climax in its bleached-out mohawk spine.  

“Over 17 million years old, the last known proof that the oceans could sustain life, Hope hangs here in the hall of remembrance. I snap screenshots of Hope’s mouth, once capable of swallowing seas of minnow, now left to hang incredulously ajar. 

Hope collecting dust. Hope as a decoration. A highlight on an intergalactic, interspeciary field trip. As mammals become extinct and are hung from the ceilings, I imagine my own carcass hanging over a hall of the future. What will they title me then? Defiance? Destroyer? The Selfish One?

I text on private chat to the only other mammal in class, “Never forget, hope has a backbone.” 


    • So kind, Selma. Thank you. Strange as it may seem, I bought a banner for my new place today with just one word on it: hope. Now walking in and out I can see this word and remember.


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