I Love A Rainy Night

I forget the misty sunset
the unexpected wet
slick pavement of regret
a damp night I won’t forget.

I miss the wipers’ wave
the downpour misbehaves
tickling on my face
the pinpricks of embrace.

I pine for random streaks
lightning’s thick obliques
the down comforter clouds
grant us permission to be loud.

I miss night’s sodden slur
nature’s slinky shower purr
a raven river in the sky
we wade and then drip-dry.

The random rumbles below
stringed luminescent show
crochet of foreplay for
tomorrow’s sunny day.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved 

This poem is in response to last week’s Flashback Track #30-Excerpt from aTeenage Opera that asks us to “tell us about something you miss.”

Artwork: “Lightning Sky” by Tsyhypko Olga


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