School Days

This week’s WWYT #5 asks everyone to share a song that they associate with their school days. For me, it has to be Tori Amos’ “Crucify Yourself.” In the 7th grade, my best friend Cena put “Little Earthquakes”on during our first sleepover. Hearing her album was like finding a musical best friend. Since, I’ve shared her music with many of my closest friends.

As a teenager, I connected with the lyrics and the artistry of the entire album. But, mostly, I associated with the way she described self-loathing and the way people contort themselves to fit a mold.

My favorite line and one that has helped to embrace my otherness: “You’re just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird.” I’ve always been able to keep my songbird alive, and Tori’s music will forever remind me of my awkward school days and the growing pains of growing up.

What song takes you back to your time in school? Be sure to share with us your school day tune.


  1. Great song!! And i love the line you mentioned!! I have listened to that song (and tried to sing along) so many times and yet I don’t remember that fabulous line! I associate Tori Amos with living in Melbourne. It was a strange and wonderful 4 years where i met many interesting people and learned a lot about myself and yet now… there is almost nothing left of that time except the memories and the music.

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