Luminous Bodies of Reflection

Woolly, thick grey worry
itching in the black of night,
tossing, turning, spinning;
the knitter stitches by starlight.

Spongy stones of fear
towering against all flight,
a cold and craggy border;
look for love’s undying searchlight.

Armies all in armor,
clinking swords of sharpest might,
riding on the horizon,
bound by blinding daylight.

Above the cloud with its shadows,
secure in its superior height,
a beacon of pure brightness,
the star with its infinite light.

August 24th episode of Late Night Poets After Midnight
Pythagoras quote/Prompt Six
“Above the cloud with its shadow
is the star with its light.”

Artwork: PYTHAGORAS BREAKFAST (2014) Gasparian


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