Under the Dome

This poem was penned for the Art of Seduction Radio Show airing August 25th. Poems inspired by the Deftones lyrics, adult in nature.

Under the dome
books bend like bodies,
spines flex fully;
the perky titles tingle
when tickled.

Under the dome
a hardback hangs
from a stiff hinge;
the flyleaf flirts
with fresh fingers.

Under the dome
slipcovers striptease,
remove their stockings
to give sneak peeks
of intimate things beneath.

Under the dome
to read is to bleed
each plot hits an artery
textblocks are tourniquets
gripping our wounds.

Under the dome
each nose goes
straight for the gutter
to smell something unique
between mounds of ink.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved 


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