Sticky Trap

Quicksand dries,
mud to dirt to dust,
lost desert in disguise.

At local bar, little bird’s panicked slurp,
suction-cupped high-heeled steps,
careless where predators lurk.

A sinking myth,
man’s ever-shifting sand.
The female form
floats supine on its surface,

but never takes a stand.

Lisa is the host for d’Verse’s Quadrille #133 asking us to take a stand. Join us.

Artwork: “Quicksand” by Ric Conn


    • Yes, but those that chose not to take bold moves are often misunderstood. Trying to stand in quicksand is a mistake; there is more than one way to free yourself. Eek, this late-night write has more layers than I even originally intended.

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  1. Ah the failure of the masculine in our culture is such a crime. And yet you still manage to create. I too saw the mud in this prompt (and there we catch a glimpse of my deep longing)

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    • Thank you, Worms. Just between you and I, I wasn’t sure where this one was heading either. Glad the piece didn’t get stuck in the mud. It was great fun to rejoin Monday night shenanigans. Enjoyed the variety in the pieces.


    • Thank you kindly, Phillip. Your comment made me smile. Yes, it does feel like we’re doing just this at times. When in a sticky situation, I’m not opposed to exploring all of the alternative solutions.

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  2. The image you chose really grabs attention. You’ve laid out the dynamics so deftly, the quicksand that becomes toxic waste, the hopefully fading myth that somehow it is ever the woman’s fault for being raped, and the saving maneuver. Excellent poeming, K.

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    • I appreciate your kindness, Helen. It was great to read so many thought-provoking pieces this morning. Lots of striking responses. I’ve missed the d’Versians.


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