Eye Candy

This poem was inspired from this week’s FBTF #24 Breakaway. The challenge to craft some piece of art involving the names of popular candy. Join us.

You arms, my Lucky Charms,
Everlasting Gobstopper eyes,
colorful layered surprises,
Twinkie of a winkie,
sweet all-day Snickers
that tingle my knickers.

My sexy Starburst,
Bit-O-Honey sherbert,
bind me for S&M&M.
I love to Twizzle in
the ButterFinger juices
of my Tootsie Roll cupid.

Jolly Ranchers crew,
nuzzling Nerds, us two.
You’re my Milk Dud stud,
Reese sexy Pieces, beloved.
May nothing come be-Twix us.
Cover me with Hershey Kisses.


  1. What a sweet read! It brings me Almond Joy to read this. Bar none, it is a Grand Slam and the best read of the day. Just M-Azing! Time for an Encore unless you think it could be a Rocky Road. Your stuff is so Smarties it always makes me Snickers. Time to Take-5 or have a Time Out. Thanks for sharing your candy with us!

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