A Driving Rain

“Driving Rain” Sergey Lesnikov

She’d been driving
in and out of rain
her whole life.
The downfalls,
the trickles,
the heavy flow
of water and traffic,
the cycle of her years
like the shifting of gears.

Today, the rain can’t stop
the window rolling down,
sprinkles on her forearm
like goodbye kisses,
reminders of their
rain dance
feelings drenched.
The way he took her for a spin.
Her heart dripping,
his underwater love
making her feel
forever barefoot.

Now her foot downbursts
against the pedal.
Her fingers pirouette
the wheel,
while the wipers
scud rough against
the windshield
trying hard
to herd
but she’s
caught in a driving rain
passion and pain
and she just spins
and squeals.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved


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