Story Time Sunday #19

Happy Sunday! This flash was written as a photo prompt. It had strict guidelines: a 75 word limit, and it had to include a revolutionary or a droid. I went with the former. Hope my strain of this story still keeps a nourishing essence. Enjoy!

Fishy smells from the kitchen summon them, and I’m busy straining this week’s batch. The steam pots remind me of the scorched, starving masses crowding the doors. 

In the back, screams. The well-to-do roll down their socks, and lift their feet onto blocks, each nail extracted with pliers. Penance to the poor, a requirement. Besides, all will be regrown with time. A dinner triangle rings, a Thai liberty bell. Time for Toenail Khao Tom Pla.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved


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