Doomsday Contest-Locket

A writer friend of mine tuned me into a Doomsday Story Contest that I could’t resist. The task was to create a dystopian fiction 600-2,000 words that included a heart-shaped locket. My short story, “A Matter of Minutes.” was published today on Vocal. I am grateful for the help of my writer friends to complete this piece on time. If you have time to give it a read, let me know what you think.

A Matter of Minutes

Lifelockets don’t come off by accident. They don’t rust, weather, or oxidize; they endure even after teeth and bones decay. They can withstand gas leaks, nuclear explosions, and dips in Earth’s few remaining lakes, murky brown from chemical waste.

The heart-shaped pendant is issued at birth. The keepsake is soldered onto the neck of each newborn, and the contents of the compartment sealed shut.

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