It’s All in the Breath

This poem was written for The Art of Seduction Radio Show based on the artwork of Sekhar Roy. It is an adult poem so please read at your own discretion.

“It’s all in the breath,”
he teases with his tube,
a slight smile and a pinch
brings a higher pitch,
but he’s unsure if
she can handle it.

“Move your tongue,”
he forgot it was her first time,
and he makes a ‘too-too” sound,
his tongue a fluttering chime,
but his grip firm on the flute.

His bamboo now rests
straight below her chin,
she searches for good positioning,
the air’s cycling flow
if left untouched,
a sorrowful glissando.

His strong resistance,
uniquely tapered head,
playful positioned
embouchure, a surprise.
She eyes him letting go.
Cute, she thinks–he thought
this was her first blow.


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