Forever Fallen Timber

I love you for the fleecy mountainside
of your faithful forearms;
for the backwards rollercoaster ride,
in your eyes, my lucky charms.

For the exotic entanglement
of our lustful pretzel;
for your voiceโ€™s soothing spearmint,
and the way our wits wrestle.

I love how your sturdy broom bristles
sweep my pieces when I tussle;
for you ironing all the wrinkles
from my forehead and my ruffles.

I want to be your pocket flint,
guaranteed to spark;
the momentary glint
that terrifies the dark.

You can be my balanced flame,
a psychedelic tremor.
I will lay down still and lame,
your forever fallen timber.

This poem was written for June 30th Art of Seduction Love Letters Radio Show. My inspiration:

From Dylan Thomas to Caitlin Macnamara


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