Seek Dewdrops Here

A drop of sweat finds its way down my back, and I am numb to the way it navigates the scaly mountain range of my spine before pooling in the cool indentation below. There are more pearls waiting their turn to slide, and they flitter like sprites on the fence of my brow, guarding the gardens of tangled hair that grow year-round. A midsummer meltdown, the sweat swells my feet into trolls. They have hidden in the shadows of shoes, safe from the cold, but now they must take their pilgrimage once again.

The thunder is my muse’s typewriter, and I anxiously await the drops of magic that will fall from her finished pages in sheets of rain. We’ve dined on dreams all winter, us two, wrapping ourselves in fairytale furs. Now, we find the summer solstice strikes its lightening to lengthen our days, and we must seek out new tokens of love tucked in the cowslip’s ear.

Looking for a pearl
on a midsummer night’s write?
Try a cowslip’s ear.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

Tonight is dVerse’s Haibun Monday and Frank is our host. His topic tonight the solstice.

I found my inspiration in the heat storm brewing here and this line from Shakespeare’s play.

“I must go seek some dewdrops here.”
(Fairy, Act 2 Scene 1, A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


      1. Maggie C

        I will admit, I like the feeling of sweat trickling down the sides of my face when I’m out working in the yard. It’s like a validation of my efforts, the literal “sweat equity” of my labors.


  1. msjadeli

    You’ve mesmerized me with your domain. What a magical place within which to create, Karen. I adore this part:
    “We’ve dined on dreams all winter, us two, wrapping ourselves in fairytale furs.”

    Liked by 1 person

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