Story Time Sunday #16

Happy Sunday! This week’s 100 word micro-fiction was inspired by the photo prompt from 100 word story. At the end of a busy week, a bite-size flash is sometimes just right. Enjoy.

The waters of the world rest firmly in one pouch of grass, protected like an endangered species. Long since pooled for preservation, Earth’s well reflects a handful of trees and houses. Rivers are silt beds, polluted and full of fuel’s stench.  

Only the world’s wealthiest live waterfront. All other inhabitants must wait for sparse rains to experience wetness, salvaging droplets in barrels that will remain dry long past empty. Around the last lake, an artificial peach sunrise concocted from sprayed chemicals creates an illusion of olden times, times when the spray of a wet dog was not a sacred childhood experience.


    • Thank you. Too many trips to the lake here in Bavaria, maybe. The ‘last lake’ would surely be overcrowded. I’m lucky to live with such beauty every day and pieces like this spread awe and respect.

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