Bubbly Beach Life

The fizzy waves misbehave
and flirt with silk stocking shores.
The hours shrink like circles of shade,
coral negligees cast on ocean floors.

Windblown pages flicker faster,
speedboats down narrow channels,
The endings always splash her
geometric bikini art panels.

Sunken, shipwrecked toes
have survived battles, and
an icy drink’s delicious rattle
foreplay’s frothy Frescos.

The day’s a confetti party popper
with a secret toy inside.
Sea foam fetishes are improper
mixtures of things that hide.

Ah, the ocean-front’s gentle glide;
I’m bubbly beach life’s salty bride.

This week’s Flash Back Track #20 asks-What makes you bubble? For me, it has always been a day at the ocean.

The photograph is from St. Lucia and taken by Photography314.


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