Story Time Sunday #15

Happy Sunday! Today’s flash is inspired by the photo below, and a choice element of including a doll-maker or a fugitive. A spooky photo, so let me know if my flash does it justice. Enjoy!

Wanda moved the chair near the children. Bryan cooked dinner, but he never paid them any mind when he was stirring his creations. She sat as closely as possible, alternating between scanning the paper and minding the girls absorbed in a game of match on the parquet floor.

“Oregano or basil, dear?”

“Oregano,” she scanned the paper in search of their next pay day. Worries always mounted when wallets grew thin.

Bryan was a tolerable cook, but she was the head chef of all their operations. First, it was her job to locate an attractive family, become intimately acquainted with their schedule. Discover which florist they bought flowers from, where they dropped their dry cleaning, how many baguettes they purchased and from which bakery. These were the details that meant for a smooth abduction.

She preferred to nab the little ones. They made the best muses. Plus, it was easiest to lure the smaller children, their stature meant they could be concealed. She was comfortable with the little ones, just not the babies. Never the babies.

Bryan spooned out a portion of the sauce for her to taste. 

“Bitter, needs salt, and maybe more oregano.”

“On it.” When Bryan turned to grab spices from the rack, he knocked the handle of the sauce hard, sending the hot pan off the edge of the stove.

Both looked in horror as scalding marinara slid down their eldest daughter’s vinyl face. Wanda washed vigorously holding the doll to her chest. How could Bryan be so careless? Now, he would have to start from scratch. She circled the address in the paper; all good dollmakers need their inspiration.


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