Austrian Agape Alps

Layer after layer of mountain view
like an expensive cake–
granite, limestone, crystal
foggy icing, filling of lapis lazuli
cooling in view.

Lopsided meringue hillsides,
a phantom ribbon stage,
latticework roads weave
and playfully misbehave.

The panting peaks of twilight,
alabaster arms release
swirls of cinnamon ganache,
a cooling mountain masterpiece.

Vegetation’s an exhibition-
the mountains surround.
Exhale and stare
then swallow them down.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved


  1. ‘foggy icing, filling of lapis lazuli’ – you describe them so well! We lived in Northern Slovenia for a while and climbed one mountain where the border ran across the summit. No way was I going over to the Austrian side though, as it was a sheer cliff 😱

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