Golden Stroll

Still learning many things
from peculiar-colored flowers
planted in the afternoon.
Garden Orchestra sounds
the daisy-gong too soon.
Curious bread-and-butterflies,
monuments, mermen,
fields of geese none lie in,
constant feeling something’s missing.
Palace, overrun with weeds.
Repose and read but don’t go to seed.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

This poem is writted for D’Verse’s Monday Quadrille #129 A Curiosity of Poems. Our host, WhimsyGizmo, asks us to explore the word curious and create a 44 word poem. Join us.

I read Alice and Wonderland when I was seven years old, in the garden behind our house. It’s a tale that always comes to mind, as it did yesterday, strolling the gardens of the Nymphenburg Palace here in Munich. The gardens have been closed since October and just recently reopened to the public. I was surprised to see how much the weeds had grown-up, the flower beds just being planted as I guess the gardeners were also not working during the lockdown. Still, it was great to walk, repose, and read a bit even in the odd garden. Here is my quadrille combining the two things.


  1. I like the amalgamation of sensory experiences that make up the golden stroll. Feels like the person is in a brand new place or revisiting an old place after a long absence.

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    • Thank you, Grace. I love reading in the gardens, but try not to get stuck there in my books, remembering that real life is still going on around me. 😉


  2. It’s so mysterious and vivid in such fantasy setting. It’s as well both comforting and unsettling, particularly catching my eye here:

    “constant feeling something’s missing.
    Palace, overrun with weeds.
    Repose and read but don’t go to seed.”

    So beautifully penned and exquisite; I love your take on the prompt.

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    • Thank you, Kim. That one is from Lewis Carroll, but it seemed to fit right in with my odd garden stroll yesterday. Love that the garden and my books have endless lessons to teach.

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  3. We don’t really have palaces in America; they’re called estates, like San Simeon in CA. The pandemic has altered the face and soul of the whole planet. Good work.

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  4. Even a small yard can offer big curiosity.
    I especially liked these lines of yours.
    “Garden Orchestra sounds
    the daisy-gong too soon.”
    I love the idea of a garden as an orchestra of sounds. Wonderful.

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