Fibbing Friday

Thanks to FPCGuyIV for hosting this week’s Fibbing Friday. Today’s assignment is a little bit different than usual. Instead of a list of questions to answer, our task this week is to share definitions for a bunch of medical/anatomical vocabulary. Super fun! Enjoy.

1. Sphincter: This is when a guy imagines his girlfriend has a different nose, he’s spinxed her…. .
2. Phalanges:.This is a terrible disease that causes a person to be unable to stop singing Fa, La, La’s.
3. Rectum: Ooh, if you find a good one don’t tell anyone. This place is even more revered than a sanctum, I believe.
4. Varicose: This is when they bleed you dry by varying the cost hour-by-hour.
5. Aorta: It’s when you think you know something a little more than an Iota.
6. Vein: This is what the Russians call a strong precipitation.
7. Artery: This is where you win a piece of art in a lottery system.
8. Alveolus: This is the full name of Alvin from that famous chipmunk family. When his dad gets really mad, he yells, “Alveolus!”
9. Bacteria: It’s the cafeteria for employees, and I bet you can guess where it’s located.
10. Virus: This is when you have to compete with Rus, you know, vie Rus, for first place, and believe me, he is one tough dude.


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