Fibbing Friday-May 21st

Happy Friday Friends! This week, I couldn’t resist the Fibbing Friday topic of finding new products to match familiar advertising slogans this week. As always, the goal is to steer clear of the truth and entertain. Not sure I nailed the family-friendly aspect, but I think these combo’s are real winners. Enjoy!

  1. Microwave Spotted Dick…..You either love it or hate it.
  2. They said you want to ‘Splash it all over….. Pirate’s Booty
  3. Ruffles…...Why have cotton when you can have silk?
  4. Horlicks……..Because you’re worth it ‘
  5. Spam ………‘It does exactly what it says on the tin
  6. What ‘Gives you wings’? Instant Pot Duo
  7. Where will you find an ‘awful lot of coffee’? My Dad’s Nutz
  8. What is ‘Any time, any place, anywhere……… ?’ Corona Premier
  9. What is soft, strong, and very ,very long? Perky Jerky
  10. Name the product where ‘A little dab’ll do ya….. Wack Off! Insect Repellent


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