Exit Wound

Silver rings wound round
two fingers, tightness lingers,
after many bobs
up and down;
our marriage is
a merry-go-round.

Laughter out on the town, then
the yelling just gets louder,
and the caking,
make-up powder
dries too soon;
hope it masks
the exit wound.

This poem was written for d’Verse’s MondayQuadrille. Tonight, Lillian asks us to consider, What’s in a word? crafting a 44-word poem using the word wound for inspiration. Join us.

Artwork: “Merry-go-round II” by Fabrice Hünd


  1. Wonderful image of a troubled marriage
    It makes me think of a movie we just streamed, The Killing of Two Lovers.
    I think that exit wound may be metaphorical or real.
    I like the artwork, too.

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  2. Wow! So many layers to this. The illustration is perfect! Then the two rings….could be on the horses on the merry-go-round but also the couple’s wedding rings. The metaphor of the merry-go-round for a faltering marriage is an excellent one. Well done!

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  3. I like the circus atmosphere you created with the rings and the carousel, the strong man putting on a show, and tears of a clown. Maybe one will end up pulling up stakes…. Great atmospheric piece and good choice of image to go with it.

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  4. There are so many layers of meaning to this gorgeously woven poem! I could feel the “Laughter out on the town, then the yelling just gets louder,”.. sigh.. that’s when trouble begins.

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  5. Applying one’s daily ritual to conceal an exit wound is… just powerfully evocative. I love the hidden strains of a long marriage, a merry-go-round of life. Good stuff, delicious.


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