My Uterus is Fine. Thanks for Asking. — The Abstract Elephant Magazine

The sun hadn’t yet risen, but there I was, sitting in front of Best Buy on a sidewalk that had long lost any residual heat from the previous day’s unseasonable warmth. 1,832 more words

My Uterus is Fine. Thanks for Asking. — The Abstract Elephant Magazine

Great article and worthy read. There are so many reasons for judging women, either ones with many children or none; women with children with special needs or women with children that go on to become famous.

When will a woman’s identity be as separate from her offspring as a man’s? It seems all of the weight of these things falls on the female, and this article forces us to face these stereotypes and examine them within ourselves.


  1. I think it’s a generational thing which hopefully is losing ground as people become more aware of what they can do with their lives over and above producing offspring.
    It used to drive me crazy when my mum would look at my daughter and remark “doesn’t she look like so-and-so” (normallt to other relatives). It was something irrelevant to me, but obviously a conversation piece to her. It was like this totally different perspective on the things that were important or not.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I have heard a lot of stories like this. What gets me is people calling not having children “selfish”. I simply don’t understand how that word is even remotely applicable. What can be more selfish than having children when you don’t want to be a mother???? And in terms of the planet, to me the decision to HAVE children felt/feels selfish. I think, as Mr Bump says, it’s a change that will happen. But slowly. When you read old literature (for example, the Bible) you realize that we’re working against thousands of years of cultural assumption and bias. And the Bible is still a reference book for millions of people. It’s not surprising that change is slow.

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