Happy Sunday! Wait, it’s Monday. Shh, we won’t tell the story gods I didn’t post a flash yesterday. Anyways, today’s watery tale has a bit of a surprise ending, and I’d love to hear your reaction to it. Enjoy!

There’s a full-bodied splash, and then it’s kinda like a peel,” I raise my arms up over my head and their eyes follow up my bluish skin. “Ya’know the kind where your pores pull out, but you emerge with a changed pigment of skin.” I waded around the words. Thirty years of savings pooled from swallowing salty leftovers, upwelling thrifted dresses that smelled like strangers and denying myself the pleasures of the new.

All that treading for just one forty-minute soak in the Black Sea, now owned by the mega-corporation RENEW. Total rejuvenation of all of your living cells. A personalized soak. Natural abrasions release your inner pigmentation.They advertised on the billboards, the sides of busses and in the ads between my streamed music.

The ocean spray was stale cold that spring day. I waded out with complete faith to baptize myself in the waves. Now, it’s as if the suit of myself is hanging in a spiritual department store somewhere, and I’m wearing the wig of someone else’s life. I have lost more than skin, I have lost the person within. I float a smile for the cameras. I need this cash stream to fuel my new addictions now that my very soul is a stranger.


  1. Ooh! Now that you’ve said that and I’ve reread it, it’s showing the dark side of the tale. I still want to know part 2 though! I also meant to say I love the expression of thrifted dresses that smelled like strangers, and the notions that come with taking a dip in the Black Sea and what that really means. Great read 😀

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