How To Float On

Restful Tubing by Angie Sinclair

Follow these steps to set your mind free,
turn off the lights, and float down stream.
First, you must find your camouflaged switch
the one that makes your memory twitch
and with your fingers of feeling lightly flick
and hope the evening’s cork won’t stick.

Take in the spicy aroma of the dark,
velvety stream, poured in perfect arc.
Swirl and smile, the float’s appealing
destination- a lazy-river feeling.
Climb in the raft any way you choose
there’s lots of bounce when drinking booze.

Bring a book, brimmed hat, some tunes
watch your worries shrink to prunes.
Splash in the flow of letting go.
No need to steer; no need to row.
Sip the sunshine, tingly and strong,
then join the stream where you belong.

This poem is in response to Flashback Track Friday #14 Tomorrow Never Knows-which asks us to share what we do to relax. Join us downstream.


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