No Reflection

During coronavirus, working moms are tested in unprecedented ways, juggling  jobs and childcare - The Washington Post
illlustration by Efi Chalikopoulou for the Washington Post’s article “A working mom’s quarantine life

Wet clothes tumble in the wash like hooves of unridden horses galloping around a circular pen. The dishwasher downpours gurgling through the pipes in guttural surrender to its nightly chore, and I am pressing down the keys in new patterns creating constellations with words. These are the meager moments a mother owns for free during lockdown. The dusk tucks the little ones in, then the red wine sips begin punctuated between key skips, a glide forwards and backwards on the obsidian stepping stones of my dream, which tonight is a silvery lake that offers no reflection.

Indoor lights spotlight
swept floors, dusted dreams and
mom’s messy key spills.

Frank is the host for d’Verse’s Haibun Monday tasking us to write a poem capturing the present moment. Join us.

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  1. kim881

    I like the slow calming, from the noisy, busy washing machine and dishwasher, the keys ‘’creating constellations with words’ to settling into the dusk tucking the little ones in, and the glide ‘on the obsidian stepping stones’ of a dream. A busy day done and dusted.

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  2. Ali Grimshaw

    Your word choice is marvelous.
    You had my attention from the first line, “Wet clothes tumble in the wash like hooves of unridden horses galloping around a circular pen.”
    I can’t imagine the challenges of being a parent during this pandemic. My heart goes out to you.
    Keep on writing and sharing your voice.

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