Story Time Sunday #10

Happy Sunday! This flash was written for [100 Word Story] and their monthly photo prompt. I like the challenge of writing something in just 100 words, and I hope you enjoy this short, but sticky tale.

It’s a Jungle Gym Out There by K.Hartless

“Would you like some bubble gum?” She shakes her head no, same short bangs that could never walk a straight line. 

 “The last time I saw you,” I let go of the pistol on my hip, giving her a second,  “gave you my last piece of double bubble on the Wallermill jungle gym.”

It was easier back then making friends. Her eyes, two watery shots of remembrance, sober to my uniform, then to my name.


 She grips her metal handcuffs like the metal batons of the jungle gym. 

“One last piece, then?” She chews, while I haul her in.


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