Flamingo Girl

NaPoWriMo Day 23. This poem is written for Twisted Tuesday a radio show hosted by Late Night Poets. This episode in honor of the photography of Elena Vizerskaya. This poem is adult in nature, so please chose whether or not to read accordingly.

I fondle my flamingo girl,
neck like a pink petal,
always curving and swerving below.
I watch her knees huddle in the shallows.
Fresh pop of flesh from the sting of my nettles.

Let that sky shift free,
slip it over the small island of your chest,
perfectly balanced teats
you’ve learned to ballet on me,
tuck your thighs to cheeks and rest.

My wandering ways are shored
in her forever limber legs,
empty queues I long to board,
my tongue slips into her bay, moored,
docking there until she begs.

Be free, flamingo girl.
Let your tail feathers take up territory,
pirouette a flamboyant swirl.
Sift through mud till my toes you curl.
I’ll always be your dirty love story.


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