Construction (continues)

Deep in grime, those fat jacks
kill each tile, sidewalk crimes
they’ll be back, spike my bile

Kill the quiet, push turnstile
grease the squeals, afternoon riot
ill earthquake, broken seals

Lay the cable, drag it back
a harsh beep, unstable
Grim with din, watch me crack.

Two days stint, lost bearings
cracked sidewalk, smile caved in
boosted noise, can’t keep track.

jack of all trades Murray Henderson

Tonight’s d’Verse-Meet the Bar is hosted by Björn who challenged us to try and write verse in anapestic tetrameter


  1. Ingrid

    I know the feeling here! Every time I go outside to enjoy some relaxing time in nature there’s some kind of mechanical racket to spoil the peace. Today it’s a lawnmower. Has no-one ever heard of a wild garden?

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