Bulldozers remodel neighbor’s home, fallen timbers unforgiven.

Pot-bellied men pin and tuck saggy bits, resurfacing structure.

Gaudy new facade exposes more faults than it conceals.

Happy NaPoWriMo Day20. Today’s prompt is to write a new poem form for me called a Sijo. This is a traditional Korean poetic form. Like the haiku, it has three lines, but the lines are much longer. Typically, they are 14-16 syllables, and optimally each line will consist of two parts – like two sentences, or a sentence of two clauses divided by a comma. The first line sets up an inquiry or discussion, the second line continues the discussion, and the third line resolves it with a “twist” or surprise.

Artwork “Summer Breeze” by Galerie Barbara Thumm


  1. I like this form: it’s an exciting new form for me: it offers more possibilities than the haiku; I love the second line particularly; great painting and hey! this lovely song actually played; thanks Karen: an inspiring post 🙂

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  2. Oh yeah, K; you mastered the sijo fer sure. Love the initial image of remodeling by bulldozer, and everything else flowed flawlessly after that. My hat is off.

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