Kitchen Table Chant, I Mean Rant

The papers swirl on kitchen table
piled from labors now disabled.
Dish towel wrinkles round a chair,
filthy boa flung with flair.
Roses wilting in a vase,
dying with familiar grace.
Kiddie cups with backwashed juice,
colored pencils running loose.
A plastic bag with dice and cubes,
placemats no one cares to use.
A fruit bowl bulges butternut squash,
oranges, bananas and apricots.
What’s lurking underneath’s begun to rot.
A spirograph box that’s taken a bruising,
some coloring books that no one’s using.
A central candle without a flame.
A chocolate bar that no one’s claimed?!
Post-it notes without to do’s,
an empty tea cup, I love you.
Guess it’s time to straighten up
before I pour another cup.

Day 19 NaPoWriMoToday, Today’s challenge is to write a humorous rant. Thought I’d use the subject matter most handy. Join us in verse.


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