I Wish I Was The Moon

Ever-changing expressions
on the same sweet face.
Switching sizes and positions
in the satin sheets of space.

Show up early or stay late,
your permanently available date.
Shimmering in the morning
a familiar facade,
blooming and satelighting
in regal promenade.

Arctic blue, reflecting you.
Creamy yellow, just to say hello.
As you walk hand-in-hand,
I am the tanned beacon
waving your waters, and
raising rocky spires.
My glow inspires,
and I am brightest
when admired.

Craig Morrison “Moon Girl”

Day 17 NaPoWriMo and today’s napowrimo.net prompt asks us to revisit the moon and write new verse. I enjoy lunar verse, so feel there’s always something new to say. Hope you enjoy this fresh take on a familiar face.

Photos by Katydid1956country


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