The Quarepuca

The Quarepuca met me in the square
with horns of gold but not one hair,
his four-leaf clover held mid-air,
pink barber pole hocks padding near.

Quarepuca’s have a freakish stare.
His crooked grin, a sight most rare,
cigarette fumes a warning flare.
Did he mean truth or just a dare?

From his piping neck, a gurgled sound,
the volume shook the cobbled ground.
“Do you see what I’ve just found?
Hop on board, and ride me round,
and with my luck, you’ll sure be crowned.”

Even though my friends all frowned,
a shot of Bushmills quickly pound,
I grabbed his dark fur, tightly wound.
“Quarepuca, show me Dublin town.”
Little did I know, I’d ne’er come down.

Imaginary Creatures #7 by gia-fraty

Day 16 of NaPoWriMo-Today’s assignment was to create a Skeltonic or tumbling verse poem. What fun it’s been.

In this form, there’s no specific number of syllables per line, but each line should be short, and should aim to have two or three stressed syllables. And the lines should rhyme. You just rhyme the same sound until you get tired of it, and then move on to another sound

It was great fun finding a creature of interest, naming it and then creating this Skeltonic. Hope you enjoy.


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