Fibbing Friday-April 16th

  1. What exactly is a “Five and Dime”? That’s the other thing you can do at five o’clock to unwind, and what you need to get there.
  2. What gets sold at a ”General Store”? Well, I can tell you it’s not lieutenants or sergeants.
  3. Why are they called “Department Stores”? Well, once you’ve departed one you’ll fully understand the best part of going there.
  4. What’s so convenient about a “Convenience Store”? The public part means less road-side urinating.
  5. What is a “Blue Light Special”? Oh, that’s when the girls in the red light district get blue from their lack of business due to COVID and decide to run a special.
  6. Why do some people call all soda, “Coke”? Well, it might sound like they’re saying “Coke, coke!” but they’re really choking on bubbly soda.
  7. What franchise is nicknamed “The Home of the Whopper”? Well, I hear Jersey Mike’s got one of those, but I haven’t seen it.
  8. Which franchise claims to be “Finger-lickin’ Good”? I hear Wendy’s, but that’s not a polite thing to say in public, either.
  9. What does “IHOP” stand for? I Hope Only Poo-cross your fingers cause the runs are much more common.
  10. What does “Scattered, Smothered, and Covered” mean? That’s what us educators are teaching the kiddies at school these days to remember how to avoid the virus: scatter like rats, smother any laughter and remain covered at all times.

PCGuyIV is hosting today’s Fibbing Friday. Join us in our laughter.


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