Story Time Sunday #8

Happy Story Time Sunday! Been at the lake all day which made me think about this little flash featuring some hungry fisherman. I’d love to hear your reactions. Enjoy!

Channel Cats

Mateus knew no matter how hot the sun, the boys couldn’t go home empty-handed. His mother had only a few grains of rice to feed all four brothers.

“Over here, I see one!” Thiago pointed his bony stick at a shadow slightly submerged below the wrinkled lake.

“Cuidado, Thiago. We want to find food, not become food.” Mateus had special feelings for his youngest brother, the only other person he knew that was a “taker.”

Rising from the water with a bulging belly of white alabaster and the whiskers of a warlock was the most enormous catfish ever to surface in Cabo Frio. Thiago fell back paddling the sand, but the massive mouth of the catfish was quick to take a taste of Thiago’s toes before vanishing from view.

Mateus crouched by his brother. He let the warmth of the sun sink in his shoulders and travel the length of his spine into his being. “Breathe, brother,” Mateus squeezed Thiago’s foot, willfully taking his brother’s pain with a promise to endure the same in the next life again.

A slicing sensation as Mateus’ blood-filled flipflop dropped into the sand. Looking into Thiago’s eyes he saw the ultimate truth: suffering was a gift.


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