An Absent-Minded Weekend

An absent-minded weekend,
the rain begins.
We left your baby blue blanket
in the English Garten.
A shriveled plastic bouquet
of unused water balloons,
unspooled yellow ribbon,
and nibbled on plastic keys, these
made it back from our time among trees,
but not your baby blue blankie.

We all know he’s eager to GoPro,
a yellow capsule, my son,
could smuggle anything
with that smile.
“No blankie tonight,”
feelings spark and ignite
by red rose tea light.
Replacement blanket
shipped overnight.

Junk Drawer by Pose

Now the blankie’s flat in a drawer
eager for cuddles, no more.
Below cupcake hand sanitizer,
cleanliness an appetizer,
and today’s hungry heat
unwinds these memories,
a ball of leftover twine
eager for a goal;
baby kisses a keyhole,
gateway to when
we packed it all in, on
an absent-minded weekend.

NaPoWriMo Day 10. The activity today was to create a “Junk Drawer Song.” First, you listen to a song writing down images and memories. Then, explore a junk drawer in your house doing the same. Finally, combine imagery from both to create a poem. Fun activity, the outcome was surprising.

The song I listened to was “5 Dollars” by Christine and the Queens. I had never seen the video, which takes the imagery of the song in a very different direction than my poem, but I’m posting it here for enjoyment. Warning: It contains adult themes.


  1. I hate it when that happens.

    I will post one day about “Owlie”, who was, as you might guess, my daughter’s toy own who… relocated… to a beach by where we vacationed. Leaving me to hunt all over for a replacement.

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