The Body is a Well

The body is a well.
Flesh, the sacred source of water,
and solemn each hand that draws
wisdom from the waist.

Each motion is monastic:
ebb of elbows,
swirl of scapulas,
flow of forearms,
all divine parts of humankind.

Raw pleasures flow here.
Drink desire from this well
that reflects back at each of us
the seraphic self, gateway to all.

The body is a well,
and down below, a sea of shoulders,
the sturdy sails of strong thighs,
the irrigation lines of index fingers

all pointed towards our psychic physique.
Demanding we loosen ourselves
within a deep-sea of delight
that flows through the flesh.

And the droplets of water,
the sweet honeymoon heat,
that shakes lustfully free
falling back into the well,

these are my poems
that will righteously rejoin
with the fleshy flow
of the life-giving waters below.

NaPoWrimo 2021 Day Five. Today, I decided to write a poem for the amazing Late Night Poet’s Radio Show-Art of Seduction show scheduled for April 7th. The inspiration for this show is Walt Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric,” which is a magnificent poem that will have you thinking and rethinking the human form.

This poem is heavily inspired by Whitman’s long verse. I reworked phrases and imagery from his poem to create this piece. Enjoy!


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