Quadrille # 125 Anthocyanin Angel

Anthocyanin Angel,
silky soak of sanity,
the beveled glass
levels me; it steadies
after each cerise sip.
A blissful brook,
a pencil’s tip,
a chambré stream,
wine sharpens me,
smooths worry’s wrinkles,
decants the divine,
rewinds the loop-de-loops
of tangled vine inside my mind.

“Red Shoes and Red Wine” Sally Ruddy

Linda invited us this evening to write a dVerse’ Quadrille about one of my favorite topics, wine. So, how could I resist? Join us.

Poison & Wine The Civil Wars


  1. One hell of a good poem, Karen. Written by someone who knows the charms of the fruit of the vine. I also love that song. Randomly heard The Civil Wars on a Chieftains album and was blown away by how good their voices are.

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  2. love the word play in this, esp the loop-de-loops; a lovely ode to my favorite drink: red wine; one of the side benefits of your poems is it sends me to the dictionary discovering new words 🙂

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  3. A ruby paring of poem and image! I love the sibilance in ‘silky soak of sanity’, the internal rhyme of ‘bevelled glass levels me’ , and the play on ‘a pencil’s tip’ and ‘wine sharpens me’! I often have tangled vine in my head, even without wine!

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  4. Aww, this is such a good pouring of words. Just love the phrase…”silky soak of sanity” and the interesting irony of it all as wine sharpening one’s mind, smoothing out the wrinkles…

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