Fording the River’s Fork

Your soil samples kept coming in,
mosquito net and pop-up tent,
stranded on Wallops Island,
an Environmental Scientist.

Boating the wetland’s waterways,
long white sleeves and frothy life dreams;
thick boots to wade the tidal sways,
gonna save the world’s dirty streams.

The storm wired the seedy night,
signal’s gone, no weather station;
cigarette sparks, I dared ignite
nature’s bright investigations.

The fledgelings turned the river bend.
Watched as forking blue skies warmed,
but I stood firm at water’s end, a
sedimentary journal formed.

Sulfur bodies by silty shore.
the swirling compounds of my heart,
potent solution I fondly poured,
fording the river to my new start.

NaPoWrimo 2021 Day Two. The past five years, I’ve taken on the challenge of crafting a poem a day. This year, I’m excited to share that experience with all of you. I will be gaining inspiration throughout from daily prompts. Join me in verse.

Today’s inspiration, a much-beloved poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The task, to write a poem about your own road not taken – about a choice of yours that has “made all the difference,” and what might have happened had you made a different choice.

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