Adieu Interessant (Yellow) by Tal R.

Cosmic plasma
expanding from the lungs,
exploding in swing song,
the call and response of billions of years,
playing our tune for the Almighty’s ears.
Eternal expressions remain the same,
jet streams of joy join hands with
serious surface tension to expand.
Despite the glow, the pop, the drain,
being’s just another bubble blowing
because of strain.

Take away the brittle bones,
the skeletons, our spiritual thrones,
and we’re all just planetary putty
popping through the crevices
of our cylindrical existences.
Growing and fertilizing in 4/4 time
the organic seedlings of our minds
to make the third stream continue.
Despite the glow, the pop, the drain,
being’s just a bubble blowing,
over and over again.

NaPoWrimo 2021 starts today. The past five years, I’ve taken on the challenge of crafting a poem a day. This year, I’m excited to share that experience with all of you. I will be gaining inspiration throughout from daily prompts. Join me in verse.

Today’s prompt was to create a poem of any form inspired by ‘Seductive Fantasy’ by Sun Ra and his Arkestra. What a great first prompt, as the video oozes with inspiration on many levels.


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