Naked Dandelion

Naked dandelion

you stripped

to give birth,

now society will shun

you forever.



your body a hearth

for the too

hot sun,

or any man

with a mower

for that matter.

Stand tall


bendable now

by the slightest

rain or wind.

Naked dandelion,

funeral pyre,

burn in glory.


the yellow days,

when you made

men smile.

And know,

your seed,

blown crazy

by the wind,

will rise again

next spring

to delight

and annoy

the hearts of men.


  1. Oh dear. Isn’t nature harsh? Like the poor honey bee drone, who having planted his seed in the Queen mid-flight, must plummet to his death because the act has ripped out his abdomen. Reproduction is no small thing when you give your life for it. A lovely poem. Thank you.

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  2. I like this poem, indeed they are maligned. With wishes we send them on their way, and toast their journey with
    wine as we enjoy the salad they made and crown ourselves royal with their bloom. 😊


      • Not sure how a plant gets labelled as a flower or a weed. Over here we have Himalayan balsam which the Victorians imported as an ornamental plant for large gardens. It became so prolific and invasive that it was then classified as a weed, and now it is actually illegal to plant it or move it!


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