Let Me Be Your Ladybug

Cherish me, a ladybug,
a good luck girl,
landing on your biking leg
feet from the greenest riverbed.

Perched in the crack of
Grandpa’s shed.
The biggest surprise
on a slithering spring day.

Eating my way
through garden pests.
My hard shell
gives the predators hell.

Lift my origami wings,
convertible mobility,
a treasure to an eight-year-old,
redhead, moving within sunlight.

Down from hot tin,
a spiraling stripe descends,
Copperhead, barely out of range.
Girl’s touch, a lucky exchange.

“Joyous Ladies 2” Sarah Cummings
This poem is my response to FBTF #9. Join me in sharing your luckiest experiences.


  1. That sounds like it might be quite nasty when you’re eight.
    I’ve barely heard of copperheads – we have very few snakes here and they tend to keep away from humans. Ironically, not far from me is one of their habitats, can be dangerous if maybe your dog is loose.

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    • Good question, Hobbo. They’re lucky here in Germany, and my grandmother (German heritage) taught me they were lucky when I was a little girl. I see the yellow ones sometimes. They’d still have their polka dots, I suppose. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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