Haiku Achoo

This month’s batch of haiku are nothing to sneeze at, so I hope you enjoy them. All feedback is welcome.

Sleet, hale, and hard rain,
I’m his umbrella girlfriend;
soaking wet, sure thing.

Lavender crocus
nestled in decaying leaves;
God’s hide-n-seek game.

Solve my equations,
square this constant attraction
to foil my feelings.

No need to change lanes.
Stop looking for an exit,
we’re already there.

Bet on your best dream;
triple down; mark in the books;
parlay your passion.

Cinematic friend,
those full lips the main feature?
Find my front-row seat.

One more mindless crime,
offend, grab a neck, slam quick;
their show must go on.

Witty, warm, and wise,
I wasn’t expecting that;
you’re one of my kind.

The priest’s first request,
a wafer-thin forgiven,
eat of my flesh, blessed.

Can’t catch happiness;
cheery mucus pathogens,
smiling contagions.


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