Broadway Boogie Woogie

Rattling can clapping down
Times Square,
the whole length of the island
rotted bare,
the only raucous applause,
a jackhammer affair.

From the Avenue of the Americas
no parades,
Broadway’s been cut in half
these days.
billboards dangle,
velvet stanchion frays,
playbills clog gutters,
the marques fade.

Broadway Boogie Woogie
no more,
no neon lights,
locked Backstage door;
Will there be an encore?

This piece was prepared for d’Verse’s Poetics Tuesday. Laura has asked us to create an Ekphrastic poem from the title of a painting. Join us.


  1. NYC’s never been a favorite of mine, but the picture you painted here makes it far more appealing. Getting rid of all that hustle-bustle’s a BIG plus for me. Nice work!

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    • Thank you, Ron. I saw an article a while back about Broadway, and it just seemed right to try and describe that place without the music. Greatly appreciate your comment.


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