Quadrille #124 Lakeside Knot

Lakeside Knot

Raisin wings drape the lake,
lint brush head, a twisting rake.
The neck of a white swan,
a blindfolded snowflake,
Bordeaux shades of body-bending,
layer-cake of spring suspending,
yellow bill of duck upending,
winter’s slushy promises left to rot
entwined in lakeside,
Gordian knot.

Thanks, Mish, for a great prompt for d’Verse’s Quadrille (44 line poem). Tonight, we were asked tackle the topic of knots. Join us!


  1. ben Alexander

    Ok, I don’t think I’ve read a single poem of yours that hasn’t blown me away.

    I love the k sounds in this one, and it strikes me that the word knot itself has a k, but it’s a silent one! so the rest of your lines make up for that 😀


    Liked by 1 person

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