The Longevity Of Optimism

Yellow sunflowers
an offering of friendship
of sunshine
willful and
unwilling to wilt
despite the centuries
of suffering and shame.

Do we create the art
we want for ourselves?
The ideal.
Or do we create how we feel?
Is it possible to separate the two?

Growing yellow willow vines
are enchanting, but
they will eventually branch
obscuring our entire view.
But for now, Van Gogh’s dream
of a beautiful town
honest fields
and yellow sunflowers
in a painted vase
waiting for a friend
to visit
still shine through.


    • Yes, it is the most cheery color. It did make me wonder, though, knowing Van Gogh struggled with depression. If he might be trying to capture their cheer or evoke their cheer.


      • that’s true I guess. I wonder what he associated the colour with? He doesn’t really strike me as somebody who doted on his completed works.
        Incidentally, he lived in Arles for a while, didn’t he? Wat that him? That really is no bad place to end up, it really is the most beautiful town.. When we visited, daughter was a toddler… let’s just say that was where I learned the French word for pacifier!

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