Tombstones & Ice Cream Cones

Biking to the open market,
slushy flakes evaporate
as soon as they touch down.
My pedals squeak
past ice cream cones
sold beside tombstones.
What endless variety
available in each!
We delight in the flavor
of our coldstone treats.

and ice cream cones,
booming early spring.
Handcrafted curvatures
granite gelatos,
all the distinct shades
of stele sorbets;
pillars of relief,
sold as solid,
sugary grief.

I Scream” by Jason Edmiston

and ice cream cones;
what a motif!
Moments of mourning
mixed with tasteful glee;
profound words
chiseled beside
sticky smiles.
Get an instant fix
with your eternal wile.

and ice cream cones;
the pleasure is brief.
Marbled moans,
our lifetime’s redress,
a permanent address,
easier to select
than a dairy flavor.
Eternity’s emulsion
is an icy savior.


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