Survival of the Silliest

Because we’ve neglected to get better, isn’t our generation far worse than its predecessors? It’s surely not survival of the fittest driving humankind’s existence like a bodybuilding, cross-fit marathon without end. No, buff bodies and battle-ax minds are often the first casualties of wars, diseases, and famines. Bright flames make the biggest targets.

I dare say the pillaging of politeness, amidst the crumbling of civility illuminates that the most frivolous specimens of our species procreate at the highest numbers. I prefer keeping in mind, even the possibility, that existence has its own reason for being. Time, a toilet paper, unwound with glee. Yes, it appears the most preposterous humanoids are those destined to thrive. Have we not wadded each other in waste, only to later discover the sacred commodity of each and every square? In the end, it’s always been, survival of the silliest.

Toilet Paper Art Print
Natalia Delgado’s Toilet Paper Art Print

Merril is hosting d’Verse’s Prosery night, inspiring us with a quote from Polish Nobel Laureate Wisława Szymborska’s poem, “Possibilities.” 144 words exactly (now). Join us!

“I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.”


  1. sanaarizvi

    You blew my socks off with this one! 💝💝 I dare say, the current generation is nothing compared to the ones before it. They lack appreciation for art, for poetry, for reading, heck they can’t even comprehend sewing! I was discussing with my mother a few days ago, that when I finally get married and have kids, that I would do my best to inculcate old fashioned upbringing complete with etiquettes. No amount of ipads are taking them away from a day spent in sunshine!! xo

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    1. K.Hartless

      Thanks, David. It’s a silly stream of thought, but also true, in my mind. It’s not acceptable how we treat each other, even now there are times we don’t value each other, and definitely in our species history. Appreciate your comment.

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